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In a very close and exciting finish to the DMBB Cup tournament, the U18 Boys did the club proud and produced a gritty performance to counter an amazing DCU Mercy team. A great spectator game was on show with each side matching score for score. The biggest gap between them was at most about 8 points and this only lasted a couple of minutes. There were great individual performances on both sides and some sharp 3 point shooting to edge things along. Dylan Kessie put in an amazing work rate over the 4 quarters. Gabby worked great on rebounding and shots and Michael was the usual steady pair of hands where they were needed. Rory Carroll was well able to match speed with the faster Mercy players which helped to stop the quicker elements of their game. Gary Barron was in great form as usual but had to pare it back a bit towards the end due to foul trouble. Emmet Chubb was a great addition with the extra strength he brings to the game. Andy Flood was in flying form and managed some of his cool 3 pointers. Stephen O'Hanlon had to sit this one out due to injury, but had already done his bit to bring the team this far. Well done lads. And a standing ovation must go to the Mercy team who gave it everything they had, which is an awful lot, and made this such an exciting final.

Well done to all.

U18 Boys Win Dublin Cup Final

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